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  • Canon's New Facebook-Ready Camera
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Canon has just unveiled its first Facebook-ready camera. What does 'Facebook-ready' mean? Essentially, you can tap a Facebook button on the side of the camera, and your photos will be instantly posted to Facebook.

Kind of like what happens when you take a photo with your phone using an app like Instagram, and then send that photo to Facebook. Only, the Canon camera is for the point-and-shoot crowd.

Here's what Canon has been working on lately:

The Canon PowerShot N camera looks like your typical point-and-shoot option. It has a compact body, a folding LCD touchscreen, a 12-1 megapixel camera with 8X zoom, 28mm wide-angle lens, and that touchscreen comes with Canon's "creative mode," which creates the best possible photo from the one that you snapped using color, lighting, and some other tricks.

For all intensive purposes, the PowerShot N is just like Canon's last point-and-shoot. The difference here is that Facebook button. But, Canon is not alone in the Facebook-ready arena. HTC has been creating Facebook-ready phones for some time now, though those haven't exactly sold well.

What makes Canon think that people will want a Facebook-ready camera? It's hard to say, but the company has put a lot of effort into the PowerShot N.

An Interesting Choice for Canon

Stats have shown that Facebook is no longer popular with the teen crowd, so Canon must be aiming at the adult population with the PowerShot N. Still, most people use a phone to capture photos, and to share those photos on Facebook or other social networks. Phones can't go in the water (most of them), or be brought on a beach safely, but the Canon PowerShot N isn't waterproof or beach-proof, so what's the appeal?

It should also be pointed out that you can only share photos on Facebook using this camera if you are connected to WiFi. No WiFi? No Facebook sharing. You'll have to wait until you find a WiFi connection in order to share those photos. The one advantage that this camera has over some smartphones is that it may take better pictures thanks to better specs, but it doesn't blow all phones out of the water.

Pricing and Details

If you do love the idea of a Facebook-ready point-and-shoot option, Canon will be selling the PowerShot N for $299 across North America. That's a high price to pay for a camera that might not have too much appeal.

This camera will go on sale at participating retailers (and through the Canon store) in September.

It seems as though the point-and-shoot market is dying down, but companies like Canon have to find some way to keep afloat. In Canon's case, the company is banking on Facebook to save the day, though I'm not so certain this is the right direction to move in. But, it is the direction that Canon has chosen for now.

Would you buy the Canon PowerShot N, or is a Facebook-ready point-and-shoot the last thing that you want to purchase for $299?