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  • The Contour+2 Action Camera
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Tumbling down that double black diamond is one thing. Proving that you tumbled down that double black diamond after being dropped off by a helicopter is another. The best evidence is, of course, real evidence. And the best way to gain real evidence is to record your dare devil feat and share it with friends. Short of hiring your own camera crew, the only way to record what you’ve done is to purchase an action camera. In this category, you have a few options. Sony makes the Action Cam and GoPro makes the Hero2. Both of these cameras are great action cameras. But, Contour gives Sony and GoPro a run for their money as well.

The new Contour+2 Action Camera is everything that the original Contour was not. It’s also one of the easiest action cameras on the market to use while you are skiing, snowboarding or wearing heavy and clumsy gloves. Contour has taken winter weather gear into consideration during the development stage of the Contour+2 action camera. As such, Contour has done away with the standard on/off power button and replaced it with a simple slide key. The Contour+2 Action Camera also includes some other tech-heavy (and very efficient) features.

Contour Takes Tech Seriously

The best thing about the Contour+2 Action Cam is that you can control this camera using your iPhone. Contour has created a handy app that lets users control camera views and angles. With your iPhone screen, you can see what your camera sees and adjust the view accordingly. Since the Countour+2 comes with all kinds of secure attachments (like a nice railing attachment), the idea behind this camera is not to (necessarily) hold it in your hand while you are gliding down a hill. Instead, the Contour+2 was meant to sit on a railing or anywhere else and record what you are doing. In short, this camera is perfect for any kind of trick that you want to show off.

In addition to the Contour iPhone app, this camera is also compatible with StoryBook, Facebook, and Vimeo. This means that you can record a neat trick or claim to fame and then upload your death defying video on Facebook, StoryBook, or using Vimeo. These video sites will make your Contour+2 video even more appealing – and easier to share with doubting friends. Lastly, Contour has wrapped the Contour+2 in a nice waterproof case.

Waterproofing Done Right

Just in case you drop your Contour+2 camera in the snow or it starts to rain while you are out recording, Contour has made sure that this camera is protected. The Contour+2 camera is water resistant (up to 60 meters of water). The shell of the Contour+2 is also weather resistant, which pretty much means that you can throw anything at this camera and it won’t mater too much. While the Contour+2 is not complete smash proof or able to resist all kinds of drops and spills, it is one of the most rugged action cameras on the market. Oh yeah, this camera also takes great video – an important detail! If you’re looking to enter a pro competition, want to show what you can do, or just want to record your progress this winter, the Contour+2 action camera is the way to go.