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  • Dell's New Windows 8 Monitors Impress
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Looking for the perfect companion for your Windows 8 machine, something to put its touch capabilities to work? Dell is offering a new range of monitors to give you more options, three in total. The best part: they won't break the bank.

As usual, Dell's new monitors are workhorses for the average person, and the company has put a lot of effort into providing users with something that's reliable, cost effective, and user friendly - take a look at what Dell has come up with.

The new Dell monitors -- 19.5-inch E2014T, 23-inch P2314T, and 27-inch P2714T -- feature a touch display. They respond to gestures such as swiping, pinching, tapping, and stretching. Do these monitors make touch more accessible or better for the average computer user? Maybe.

With HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and USB ports on all three models, you can hook just about anything up. It even features an MHL port to connect your smartphone or tablet. These monitors will not only charge the device, they will allow you to view the content on your device as well.

Dell 20 Touch Monitor (E2014T)

This is the smallest of the three at 19.5 inches. It offers 1,600x900-pixel HD resolution, excellent 2ms response time, and 8 million:1 contrast ratio, and up to 225 cd/mВІ Being the smallest, it's also the least expensive: it is available for purchase at $250.

Being the smallest model, it features a simple design and offers up to 30 degrees tilt. It's a nice Windows 8 monitor -- not only is it smaller than the other Windows 8-compatible monitors on the market (making it perfect for small workspaces), it's also cheaper!

Dell 23 Touch Monitor (P2314T) and Dell 27 Touch Monitor (P2714T)

These two monitors are close to exactly the same except for their size (which may matter depending on what you plan to do via computer). Each one offers the same HD resolution (1920x1080-pixel), edge-to-edge glass, and wide viewing angles (178 degrees). The dynamic contrast ratio is the same as the Dell 20 Touch Monitor (8 million:1).

The difference: The 23 and 27 provide an adjustable articulating stand and other ergonomic options the 20 does not. For example, the 23 and 27 can be mounted to the wall if need be, and offer users a variety of positions: 10 degrees forward tilt or 60 degree backwards tilt, which is virtually flat.

Integrated camera and microphone make video chats possible, and the speakers are crisp and clear. Features such as auto mode allow you to adjust display settings for different applications, assuring you see things as you should. Looking to save a little energy? Rely on PowerNap: set the monitor to dim or go into sleep mode when it is inactive for a specified period of time. Pick up the 23-inch for $450 and the 27-inch for $700.

Currently, the monitors are only available in the US, Latin America, and Canada. The E2014T is due to be released in Europe and Asia on September 26, while the larger models should come out on September 18. When the monitors are released, check back for a complete review.