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  • Top 8 Gift Ideas for Gamers
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It's almost gift-buying crunch time, but you still have a few weeks to get it together (or to add some awesome options to your gift list!). If you have a gamer on your list (or want to drop not so subtle hints), there are some devices that should be on every gamer's list this holiday season.

Here's my top 8 gamer gift ideas for 2013:

1. Headsets: gaming starts with a good headset. There are a few excellent options on the market including the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven ($199) and the Astro A50 ($299). Either one of these headsets will make any gamer ridiculously happy.

2. The Vanguard: this is a gift that works best if the gamer you're shopping for already has a console. Why? Because The Vanguard is, essentially, a portable console case. Gamers can slip a console into this protective case, pick it up, and plug it in anywhere. Basically, it's a high-tech suitcase for your console, but it's the one thing that the ultimate gamer probably doesn't have yet - if your'e willing to spend $350 on a gift, that is.

3. PlayStation 4: got a PlayStation fan on your list? The newest Sony console is the one thing that every PlayStation enthusiast will want this holiday season. At $400, though, it's not a cheap or casual gift, so this may be the one thing to purchase if you're looking for a big gift idea.

4. Xbox One: where there's the PlayStation, there's the Xbox One. If the gamer on your list is more of a Microsoft fan, the Xbox One is now available and retailing for $500. If it comes down to price, the PlayStation has the One beat - but I'd check out the available games (and compare those games to the game preferences of the gamer you're shopping for) first.

5. Alienware 17: once again, we have a really expensive option here with the Alienware 17 notebook ($1499). But, this notebook has it all, and some consider it to be the absolute best gaming notebook option on the market. Customized lighting, Nvidia GeForce 765M GPU, 2.4-GHz Core i7-4700MQ CPU, and 4th generation Intel Core processors are all packed in a sleek package with the Alienware 17.

6. MOGA Pro Power Controller: I'm betting that the gamer you're shopping for doesn't have one of these. The MOGA Pro Power Controller is an all-around controller for Android devices. This is the perfect gift for the Android gamer on your list, and at $79 it's not a bad price either.

7. The gift card: when all else fails, you can always purchase gamers a gift card to an electronics store or to a gaming online outfit. It's hard to choose games for a serious gamer, so it might be best to go the card route if you aren't sure what the person on your list actually likes to play.

8. Your ideas: I'm sure that you guys have some great gift ideas too - care to share what you'll be buying the gamer in your life (or yourself) this holiday season?