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  • These Headphones Glow

A company called Glow has created the world’s first laser light headphones. Glow is calling these earbuds “smart headphones” that glow, and that pretty much sums up with the Glow headphones can do.

Using laser light technology, Glow headphones not only glow in fluorescent colors, but they also pulsate based on the music that you’re listening to - and according to your own heartbeat.

Picturing Glow Headphones

Glow’s headphones really remind me of necklaces worn at raves during the 1990s. Only these glow with the help of lasers, which is really a cool concept. The idea behind the Glow headphones is to wear a pair of earbuds that pulsate with the music that you’re listening to in order to provide a complete interactive experience. The earbuds will also pulsate with the rhythm of your heart. If you’re running or doing something fast-paced, you’ll see the headphones pick up speed by flashing lights to that same speed. If you do something slower, the headphone might just glow solidly.

Glow developers have also heavily integrated these headphones with Android, and various control buttons let you complete certain actions like sending out pre-written responses to text messages, calling people, and doing other basic things. The idea here is that you won’t have to remove your headphones in order to complete certain tasks, and Glow aims to make this kind of phone integration simpler than what other companies have come up with thanks to a tactile button.

Sound Quality

A pair of headphones that glows to the beat is great, but how’s the sound? Any buds or phones worth their salt have to have good sound, since that is the whole point of headphones. Glow states (in the company’s Kickstarter video) that they have been working hard on the sound aspect of the Glow headphones. Since the headphones are currently on pre-order, it’s hard to determine whether or not the company has made good on the promise to add excellent sound to the already interesting headphones.

But, I’d imagine that Glow won’t send out any pairs of these headphones until the sound is exactly right - otherwise, the Glow light would quickly dim when compared to other, better sounding, headphones. So, how can you get your hands on your very own laser light headphones? Right now, you can pre-order a pair of Glow headphones through the company’s Kickstarter page. One pair of headphones costs $149 through the campaign page (a $50 savings off of the retail price, the site states).

Color Options

When it comes to laser light headphones, color is as important as sound (well, it’s up there). So, how can you pick your color? Glow notes that everyone pre-ordering a pair of these headphones will be sent a survey in advance of shipment, and color preferences can be noted at that time.

The Glow headphones will last for eight hours on one battery charge, and can also be charged in 30 minutes via USB. Now, all we have to do is sit back and wait for the Glow headphones to ship!