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Have you heard about Leap Motion yet? No? Well, you’ll want to know all about this new technology. Leap Motion is a San Francisco-based company that has developed a mind-bending motion controller.

The Leap Motion device is compact enough to fit into the palm of your hand, and when hooked up allows you to control everything from presentations to video games with the wave of a finger or the movement of an arm. Simply put, Leap Motion is the future of motion, and that future is now coming to a laptop near you.

Leap Motion Device Details

The Leap Motion controller detects hand and finger movements precisely and accurately. This detection allows you to directly interact with your PC. Leap Motion’s device is “iPod-sized” measuring 8 cubic feet. According to the demo videos, this device is highly accurate as well. Leap Motion’s demo video shows someone playing the popular game Angry Birds on a Mac using a pair of chopsticks that are waving in the air. Leap Motion’s technology has definitely impressed consumers who have pre-ordered the device for $69.99, but Leap Motion has also caught the eye of Asus.

Asus Signs a Deal With Leap Motion

Asus has just announced that Leap Motion’s technology will be integrated into select laptops and PCs this coming year. Asus hasn’t identified which systems will be ready to roll with the new technology, but it’s safe to assume that higher-end Asus systems will come complete with Leap Motion. This is big news in the tech and PC world, since no other system on the planet includes technology like the one that Leap Motion is putting out. If you don’t want to buy an Asus system, you can simply purchase the small device from Leap Motion (ship date “early 2013”).

There’s no doubt that Leap Motion’s technology is advanced enough to capture the eye of Asus, but (as with any new tech) it’s also a fair assumption that Leap Motion’s device will enjoy many updates until the technology is perfect. Right now, it’s tough to say just how well Leap Motion’s device works, since the device hasn’t actually started shipping yet. Still, the notion of being able to control games and PC actions with the wave of a finger or arm is something that’s sure to be a huge hit.

Where to Get Leap Motion

To check out Leap Motion’s demo video (really, a beautiful thing to watch) or to pre-order your Leap Motion device (priced reasonably), head to the Leap Motion website. Or, you can wait to see what systems Asus equips with Leap Motion technology.

Either way, controlling all that you see and do on your PC with your fingers waving in the air is a really interesting concept – one that might even be adopted by more PC companies and, eventually, segway to gaming consoles and television sets. Once you’ve checked out what Leap Motion has to offer, let me know what you think. Will you sign up for a Leap Motion controller?