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  • The New Face of Smart Devices
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Imagine pointing your smartphone or tablet at a smart object in your home, and then being able to reconfigured that device's interface. How? Through augmented reality. A team of MIT researchers is working on a new type of interface system that would let users control and change the way that current devices work.

The Problem

The aforementioned team of MIT researchers sees a problem with the many smart devices on the market today. While these devices are inventive, the tangible interface that goes along with these devices is often lacking in a big way.

Not only are these interfaces lacking, but they are also limited. You have to install an app in order to work most new devices, and that app comes with problems of its own too. The whole thing is one complex mess. That's where the new interface developed by the MIT team comes into play. This interface would allow users to reconfigure and better control smart devices.

The Idea

The main purpose of the MIT project is to let people control smart devices by increasing functionality. If the smart device you currently have comes with a too complex interface, you could change it using the new MIT system. The team has demonstrated this new technology by suggesting that smart devices should be as simple to turn on and off as a regular light switch. However, this is often not the case.

Smart devices are smarter than regular devices, but these objects could be even better if we had more control over them. That's the idea behind this project, and it's one that's getting a good deal of attention. Right now, the project is still in development stage, but the idea seems to be a great one.

The Look

To change the interface of a smart device, users could simply stare at a tablet screen to see the shape, size, and structure of that device. Using augmented reality, the device could be reconfigured. The whole thing seems to come straight from the pages of Iron Man or some other fantastic and mad genius. But, if it works, the idea will be a game changer.

Companies don't often equip smart devices with the best and simplest interfaces, and that's where this new technology would changes things up. Smart devices wouldn't be quite so hard to use, and users could effectively manipulate the way that these devices work. Sound like a great idea? The team at MIT thinks so too. So, when will you see this project come to light?

Additional Details

There's no word yet on when you will see augmented reality at your local electronics store, or if the team will be creating an actual device to control other devices. Still, it's a great idea worth thinking about. After all, most of the "smart" objects in my home aren't smart at all when it comes to manipulating an app or trying to figure out physical controls.

What do you think? A good idea or a silly one? Sound off below!