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  • The MYO Gesture Control Band
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What if you could control anything from a smartphone to a gaming console by waving your arm? Not waving your arm so that a camera can pick up strange movements, but waving your arm and acting naturally, so that any device can be gestured controlled. Right now, most motion detector devices simply pick up on robotic movements. But, few devices actually detect human movements.

A new startup called Thalmic Labs has developed an armband that does just that – allows you to control almost any device with a gesture-sensitive armband. This armband is not yet on the market, but it’s a mind-blowing device that you’ll want to read about before it becomes a reality. The MYO armband works with Windows and Mac platforms for now, but it’s about to become a widely used technology.

The MYO Armband

The MYO armband looks just like a thick bracelet. This band is meant to be worn around the forearm. When worn, the MYO band works via Bluetooth to pick up any natural movements.

That means that the MYO band can connect to almost any wireless device. Many different devices like smartphones and computers can be controlled by simply wearing this armband – no physical connectivity required.

The MYO armband goes beyond recreational use too. Presenters could, for example, use the armband to control slides and laptops during presentations. Simply by waving an arm or a hand, a person could easily control what’s happening on screen.

The MYO armband uses a new technology that detects muscle movement inside of a person’s arm. This movement then translates to a number of different devices making the whole concept of movement detected motion simple and a reality.

MYO Armband Ready to Roll

Y Combinator has just backed the developers behind the MYO armband. With the funds from Y Combinator, the company hopes to develop the armband further – and that means bringing new developers on board.

The company wants to create armbands that developers will have a good time working with. The idea behind the company is to entice developers to create individual applications that will use MYO technology. The company is currently looking for developers interested in working with MYO technology.

Right now, you can pick up your own MYO armband by visiting the company’s main website. The MYO band is now retailing for $149. While wearing the armband, you can control various devices that are Bluetooth enabled.

This technology looks extremely promising, and it’s bound to become a popular armband. In the future, you may just see a number of people wearing MYO bands, and that would be something straight out of the pages of a sci-fi book.

Then again, devices like Google Glass are pushing the limits of new technology too, so why not an armband that controls devices, detects human movements, and connects to Bluetooth?

Needless to say, the MYO band is really going to change the motion detector game. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to control a device with the wave of your hand, wonder no more. The MYO armband is here, it’s amazing, and it can be yours for under $200.