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  • ZAGGkeys ProFolio+ For iPad
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Compact, solidly built, and with a keyboard featuring a multicolored LED backlight, you may find the ZAGGkeys ProFolio+ an attractive option for your iPad. But, as with anything, you'll find some downsides as well.

ZAGG, the makers of the first keyboard cover accessory, is pushing out this unique iPad keyboard cover that is the first one on the market to feature built-in backlighting. However, the price is a bit steep when it comes to keyboard covers.


ZAGG does offer the ProPlus, a standalone backlit keyboard, for the same price as the ProFolio+. However, the ProPlus is kind of similar to the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, and both smaller and thinner than the ProFolio+.

For the same price as the ProPlus, the ProFolio+ offers excellent full protection for your iPad. Offering full body padding, the ProFolio+ is plastic disguised to look like leather, with a soft, pebbled finish. You can snap your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation iPad into the top half, which then bends back and fits in a groove just above the keyboard. Whether on your lap or on a desk, the base is wide and flat, and quite sturdy.

If you use it in your lap a lot, however, you might wish that the angle the iPad sits at when in the ProFolio+ was adjustable. It is difficult to find a position where your neck isn't straining, unlike Belkin's Ultimate Keyboard Case which sports three different angles and an auto-connect case.

Keyboard Performance

All in all, the keyboard is nice. Key travel is nice, each one is spaced out just enough, and there's no strange layout compression. In cnet testing, however, there were instances of mistyped characters and repeated keys.

You can adjust the backlighting and choose from seven different LED colors, making it pleasing for your personal preferences. However, there is no ambient light sensor which would be nice. Instead, you have to adjust it manually until it is just right.

To power the backlight, the ZAGG ProFolio+ Bluetooth keyboard case is battery-powered. Recharging is performed via Micro-USB with included cable. The nice bonus: ZAGG states a user can go months off of one single charge. Cnet testers cannot dispute this: during the week of testing, the battery level was barely affected.

Additional Information

This is a great keyboard case for those that use it a lot in a dark environment. The backlight is a wonderful addition to the iPad keyboard case. However, it is pricey. The ZAGG ProFolio+ will set you back $129, over $30 more than other keyboard cases on the market, and even their own ProFolio without a backlight.

Most users do not require a backlight, and as such, won't buy this model. In fact, the absence of adjustable angles could possibly be the deciding factor for most people, looking for comfort over everything else. The backlighting is amazing, but not something everyone will need. In fact, I'm betting that only a miniscule percentage of the iPad owners out there feel backlit keyboards are a necessity worth paying that much more for.