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  • Nikon’s New Coolpix Lineup
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Nikon fans that attended the last CES conference were slightly disappointed. The company didn’t showcase anything really mind-bending. But, it seems as though Nikon just wasn’t ready to release details of its new camera lineup during conference time. Today, Nikon has finally announced some new Coolpix cameras --seven new Coolpix cameras to be exact.

The camera market is a tough place to be right now. Most consumers use smartphones instead of actual point-and-shoot options. It’s a market where the old cameras that were once so popular are being largely phased out. It’s also a market where camera giants like Polaroid and Kodak are no longer able to stay afloat financially due to a lack of interest in all things camera. But, companies like Nikon are still managing to entice consumers with inexpensive cameras that kick. The new Coolpix lineup definitely has a trend: lots of zoom and WiFi.

Nikon’s New Focus

Camera users today want quick access to the Internet. Thanks to apps like Instagram, having the ability to share photos through social networks and via email is important. This is where WiFi comes into play. All of Nikon’s new Coolpix cameras are WiFi ready. Some of the new Coolpix models come with a WiFi adaptor, but others have WiFi built-in (a direction that Nikon states the company will move in).

At the top of the heap is the Coolpix P520 ($449.95). This camera comes with a WiFi adaptor, but the reason why this camera is so great has to do with its zoom. The P520 has a 42X Zoom. That’s an insane zoom for a point-and-shoot camera of this kind. The P520 also has a 3.2-inch LCD and 18-megapixel sensor. Another new Nikon Coolpix worthy of note is the S9500 ($179) that comes with built-in WiFi. The S9500 also has 22X zoom, GPS, and a 6-megapixel camera. Other cameras in the new Coolpix lineup also offer some incredible zoom power along with plenty of cool features.

Priced For All

Nikon has told press that the new Coolpix cameras are priced for all kinds of consumers. Since there’s so much camera competition out there and Nikon has to compete with smartphone cameras that have the complete package, companies like this one have to offer something really great to consumers – something that a smartphone can’t offer. In other words, Nikon has to create a lineup of cameras that come with amazing zoom capabilities, WiFi connectivity, are slim and sleek, and are priced well under $1000.

If you’re in the market for a new point-and-shoot camera, make sure to check out what Nikon has to offer. These cameras will soon be available through brick and mortar electronics stores as well as online through sites like Amazon. If you want to check out some additional information about the new Coolpix lineup, Nikon has plenty of details on their main website. As far as colors go, you can expect all the usual Coolpix candy-coated colors to surface this time around as well. Sure, your smartphone can snap some decent photos, but nothing gets as close as 42X zoom!