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  • New PlayStation Vita

Nintendo has largely cornered the handheld console market with the 3DS. Even though some gamers (mostly of the kid-sort) are loyal to Nintendo, others have put the thought of an effective handheld system on the back burner.

It’s not that the 3DS wasn’t up to par, but many consumers were less than thrilled at the 3DS game selection. Interestingly – and just days before PlayStation’s Vita announcement – Nintendo has just announced that the company will be releasing more 3DS games throughout the next few months. This announcement may be due to the fact that PlayStation is about to unleash the new Vita.

Those who have had a chance to play with the Vita like what this console can do. Not only is the Vita super responsive and entirely slick, it also comes with 3G, dual analog sticks, and WiFi connectivity. What’s more, PlayStation plans on stocking this handheld with lots of great games. Could PlayStation’s new Vita put Nintendo is a tough position competition-wise? Possibly; but you also have to remember that Nintendo and PlayStation are catering to two completely different markets.

The Nintendo Audience

Nintendo has always been a console for younger gamers. With titles like Mario Brothers and Zelda, it’s clear that Nintendo is aiming for young consumers. Seemingly, the popular video game company will stay on this track, but Nintendo might be trying to steal some of the older gaming group too (simply speculation at this point, but speculation worth considering all the same).

Nintendo’s main game developer (and the man behind Zelda and Mario Brothers) Shigeru Miyamoto has just stepped down from his long-held position. While Miyamoto has no intention of leaving Nintendo, he has told press that he plans on working on smaller projects. To some, this means developing more handheld games, but to others Miyamoto’s working on smaller projects means that he might have his sights set on smartphone games. If the latter is true, Nintendo could be aiming for a more mature gaming crowd. If this happens, Nintendo will be stepping directly into PlayStation territory.

The PlayStation Audience

PlayStation has always been a console for serious gamers. Yet, this company may not be the only gaming company in town set to step on the toes of another. PlayStation has told press that the company plans to developer lighter games for the Vita. These games would be in addition to more serious titles such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It will be interesting to see if either gaming company aims to target a different audience with recent handheld games and devices. If you’ve always been a PlayStation fan, you can expect to see the Vita on North American store shelves on February 22nd stating at $249.

PlayStation claims that the company has a number of games already lined up, so you won’t have to worry about buying a handheld that doesn’t come with great titles to go along. For now, you can look for a PlayStation Pop Up shop throughout the U.S. Just head to the PlayStation website to find out where the Vita is being showcased near you.