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  • Mozilla Puts Social Sharing and Security First
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If there’s one thing that Internet users want, it’s security. So, the browser company that manages to create the securest browser will win over them all. Mozilla is the latest company to create a newly secure social sharing browser. What does social sharing mean? Basically, Mozilla is going to make it a lot easier to connect to sites like Facebook, and to use messenger services. Right now, the new Firefox is in beta mode, but you can test out the beta version by heading to the Mozilla site, downloading the beta version of Firefox, and then trying out your favorite social sites.

How The New Firefox Will Work (Don’t Worry, It’s Secure)

The press release that Mozilla sent out states that the new Firefox will work just like the old one with a few exceptions. If you download the current Firefox beta and head to Facebook, Facebook will then detect that you are using Firefox. From there, Facebook’s Messenger will work via your newly downloaded Firefox. The point behind Messenger integration is to allow you to check your Facebook Messenger account directly from your Firefox homepage (without actually visiting the Facebook site a thousands times).

The social integration that Mozilla has in place will appear as a sidebar. This sidebar will load all chats and updates, and it will stay on the corner of your screen as your browse the web, surf, work, and complete other tasks. As great as this integration feature seems, Mozilla is also focused on user security. After all, allowing users to become susceptible to those lurking on the Internet would not be good news for Mozilla. How will the search engine company keep user information private?

Keeping User Details Private Is Mozilla’s Mandate

Mozilla has told press that the new Firefox social integration sidebar will be entirely option. When visiting a social site, users will be given the choice to turn the integration bar on or off. The bar will not be installed until users choose to install it, and user data will not be stored or tracked across the Internet. Mozilla will not gather information about someone’s social habits, user details, or other private data. In short, the new Firefox aims to integrate social media without causing users any harm when it comes to private data.

Will Mozilla succeed in its privacy and integration task? So far, reviews of the new Firefox have been positive. If you like using Firefox and you want more social integration, the new Firefox really seems like a great idea.

There are few social networks that actually integrate directly into a browser (if any), and Mozilla is one of the first to do so. Use social networks a lot? Need more reasons to become distracted from work? Can’t live without messenger services? Want to know what’s happening with your friends at all times? You may need to try out the new Firefox beta. Head to the Mozilla site right now and download the new Firefox that you see, and then let me know how it goes!