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  • TOMS Launches New Online Marketplace
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You know the brand, Toms? The makers of adult slippers - okay, shoes that feel like slippers. Well, Toms is really into giving back to the world. Toms donates one pair of shoes for every pair sold, and the company is all about giving back. Now, Toms has started an online marketplace that is more than a place for profits.

Let me explain further...

The Toms Marketplace features retailers that are "socially conscious" according to the Toms team. That means that each retailer selling goods in the Toms Marketplace aims to give something back to the world, which is a really great reason to make this marketplace your shopping destination this holiday season.

There are other reasons too. If you've stepping into a retail store lately, you've probably noticed just how ridiculous prices are. And, you may have noticed that quality has gone way down. Well, those are two things that you won't find in the Toms Marketplace. You'll find high-quality goods at reasonable prices, and you can walk away with your purchase knowing that you've done something charitable.

The Goods You'll Find

The Toms Marketplace is an online retail shops of sorts selling all kinds of goods. Some of these items are backed by celebrities like Jessica Alba and her line of baby items. Other items come from retailers that have been trying to do good for a long time, but have gone largely unnoticed.

You'll even find some tech on the site. Headphones, earbuds, and iPod cases are what the site features for tech right now, but this site has just begun. You can also check out lots of home-goods, jewellery, and other things on the site. The items on this site aren't the mass produced type, so don't expect to find tons of stuff that you'd find in your typical Walmart. This is more like Etsy with a conscious twist.

Why It Matters

Why does another startup with another website matter? Because if we fill the Internet with enough of these sites, some of them may actually make a positive impact - and that's a really good thing, right? While it's not realistic to do all of your holiday shopping on the Toms site, it is worth a look around the site. It's also worth spending some time checking out what Toms does, and letting your friends know what the site is all about through social networking.

Why Toms? Why not? It's easy to be caught up in the holiday spending craziness, but that crazy retail rush can be so much better if you buy quality goods made by people aiming to make a difference. Alright, that's my PSA for today - what do you think of the Toms site? Oh yeah - this site works smoothly and is completely secure too, so you don't need to worry about giving out those credit card details.

Will you shop the Toms Marketplace this holiday season? Let me know what you think of this new site, and whether or not you think that Toms is doing a good thing!