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  • These In-Ear Headphones Sound Great
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HiFiMan isn't a well-known name outside of audiophile circles. But, it is a name that has a decent reputation to stand on. HiFiMan typically makes amazing full-size headphones are are in high demand amongst true audio aficionados. The company has also put out some in-ear options, though most of these are disappointing.

This is exactly where the new Waterline HiFiMan in-ear headphones (RE-400) come into play. The newest Waterline option looks great, sounds great, and can be purchase for less than $100. Since most decent headphones these days are well over that $100 mark, being able to purchase great in-ear sound at a lower price really means a lot.

HiFiMan Picks a Minimalist Design Approach

I really like the minimalist design of the new Waterline headphones. The ear bud portion includes an aluminum earpiece that looks stylish enough to wear with business attire or at the gym. These headphones also include an L-shaped plug, which is substantially more durable that run-of-the-mill straight plugs.

Even though the Waterline earphones are durable all around, they are also on the light side, so you won't have any problem running or lifting with these by your side. The one design drawback is that there's no microphone built into the headphones, so you can't connect to your phone in order to use that speakerphone option. However, this is a small drawback for most people.

The Sound Is There

As the subheading states, the sound coming from these headphones is certainly present. HiFiMan put a good deal of effort into appealing to a serious audiophile crowd, and that effort comes across well when listening to tunes with these headphones. Don't expect a great deal of bass sound, though, these ear buds were meant to produce a neutral sound that works best with acoustic music.

If you're not into sound on an obsessive level, you will still appreciate what these headphones have to offer. If you are into sound on that crazed level, you'll love what HiFiMan has done here. All of this from a company that generally doesn't produce, admittedly, the best ear buds on the market. Finally, a lower priced ear bud that looks and sounds great.

Pricing and Availability

As mentioned, these headphones come in under $100. How much under $100? At $99, these aren't cheap headphones by any means, but you have to keep that excellent design and sound quality in mind here. As far as buying your own pair of HiFiMan Waterline headphones goes, you can find these ear buds online through sites like Amazon.

These aren't the headphones you want to buy for your teenage daughter to wreck, but they are a great option for anyone that takes care of headphones and appreciates excellent sound. There are cheaper headphones on the market, though these really impress all around.

If music and sound is important to you, I highly recommend checking out what HiFiMan has done here. In the past, I would have told you to skip HiFiMan ear buds, but this pair of Waterlines is unique.