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  • The New Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air
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Bowers & Wilkins is well-known for the Zeppelin Air. This speaker has been around for some time, and it is an all-around great option. Recently, the company introduced an all new Zeppelin Air that is compatible with the new iPhones. In short, you can plug your lightning adaptor into the Zeppelin Air without concern.

This is a big deal for anyone who upgraded to a new iPhone and can no longer use speakers or docks due to new connections. The new Zeppelin Air doesn't look much different from the older version, but there are some major upgrades worthy of note.

The New Zeppelin Air

Bowers & Wilkins had a great design going. So, why mess with a good thing? The Zeppelin Air is shaped like, well, a zeppelin. Oblong on either side and somewhat futuristic looking, the Air was designed to provide maximum listening enjoyment.

The new air comes with a flexible Lightning dock that actually moves any way you want it to. Since Apple's Lightning connector is sensitive, Bowers & Wilkins has made sure that your connector will not snap or break no matter which way you twist it.

In a recent interview, company representatives did mention that a redesign was considered, but marketing researched showed user preferences for an actual speaker dock (as opposed to using the AirPlay method). You can place your iPhone on the speaker dock and let your phone charge as your music plays. Overall, the design of the Zeppelin Air is innovative and useful. But, what about sound?

Zeppelin Air Sound

THe Zeppelin Air produces excellent sound. Many competitor speakers on the market turn out sound that resembles music inside of a tin can. This is not the case with the Zeppelin Air. True to its name, you can simply use this speaker wirelessly if you do not want to dock your phone. However, some users have reported difficulties managing a wireless setup with the older Air model, so do keep this in mind.

Bass notes sound as deep as you can expect with one speaker, and surround sound options make this speaker ideal. The Zeppelin Air will not place a more expensive speaker system, but it is one of the best options available in the iPhone speaker dock category.

Price and Availability Information

The new Zeppelin Air will hit markets this coming May (2013). The price attached to the new speaker will be $599. That price may seem on the high side, but Bowers & Wilkins is a high-end sound company that produces excellent products. Along with your speaker, you will also receive a two-year manufacturer's warranty that comes with support for most problems.

Do note that the standard Apple warranty does not apply to this speaker if you purchase the speaker through the Apple website (Apple's warranties only apply to Apple products, and not to secondary products sold through the Apple site). Backed by a decent two-year warranty, packing plenty of sound, dock-equipped, and ready to work with your lightning port, the Zeppelin Air will be worth looking into when it arrives in May.