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  • Nikon Breaks Record with New Super Zoom Camera
Technology Articles > Photo, Video & Audio > Digital Cameras > Nikon Breaks Record with New Super Zoom Camera

Nikon has long been a leader in the camera world. Professional photographers look to Nikon for excellent equipment while amateur photographers trust the long-standing Nikon name. The Nikon Coolpix P510 breaks all other camera rules with a 42X optical zoom – no other camera on the market reaches past the 40X limit. This camera is ideal for shooting wildlife and it’s sure to be on the top of every photographer’s list when it hits store shelves (March of 2012).

Nikon just made the Coolpix P510 announcement this morning, but the camera world is already buzzing in anticipation. In addition to the 42X optical zoom that the P510 is equipped with, the Coolpix also has a slew of other appealing features. If you’re in the market for a new professional-grade camera, Nikon won’t disappoint with the newest addition to the Coolpix family. Those in the know are already lining up for the release of this bad boy. Here’s what you can look forward to in March.

Coolpix P510 Specs

The new Coolpix can shoot at five frames-per-second (thanks to a 16-megapixel sensor), it can also shoot in 1080p HD video, and it has 3-inch LCD that tilts. Doing away with automatic settings, Nikon has made the P510 fully automatic (many professional photographers will be pleased to learn this fact, since automatic cameras can be lacking in many respects). Lastly, the P510 includes image stabilization and a GPS.

Whether caught out in the jungle or shooting on assignment, the P510 is certainly a camera to keep your eye on. While Nikon is no stranger to pushing the zoom bar (last year, Nikon created the Coolpix P500 with a 35X optical zoom), the Nikon P510 looks like a camera that you’ll want to pre-order once that option becomes a possibility. Design-wise, the P510 (from already released photos) appears to be a serious camera for serious photographers. A nice and compact body compliment rugged settings that appear to be ready for a trip or two (there’s nothing flimsy about this camera).

Pricing and Availability of the Nikon P510

You might expect a camera with these specs to be on the expensive side, but Nikon has made sure that the P510 is priced affordably. Nikon has stated that the P510 will be priced at just $429.95, which is well in line with other cameras in its class. But, since the P510 will be out of almost every other camera’s class, this camera is priced logically as well. As far as availability goes, Nikon has stated that the camera should hit store shelves in March of 2012 (that’s just a few months away).

The P510 will be available in both black and red, and it’s sure to be one camera that photographers and photography reviewers can’t get enough of. Nikon also released some other camera specs today, which can be read about by visiting the Nikon website. There’s no doubt about it: 2012 will be a Nikon year within the photography world – stay tuned for this great offering.