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  • Roku LT Streamer

‘˜Tis the season for tech, and right now you’ll want to turn your attention towards Roku. It’s no secret that Roku creates streaming media players, but most of this company’s offerings are on the expensive side. If you’re looking for a Roku player that does it all without the high price tag, it’s time to face the Roku LT Streamer. This streamer is priced at $49.99, and it comes with everything that you would want a streamer to come with.

In addition to providing users with access to more than 300+ channels, this streamer offers up HBO Go and plenty of games to keep your occupied. Best of all, the LT Streamer is compact, lightweight, and worth every penny in this reviewer’s opinion. So, what will you get when you opt for the new Roku LT Streamer? Here’s a closer look at Roku’s latest offering.

Channels Galore

If you’re familiar with Roku at all, you know that this company offers lots of media channels. In fact, it’s hard to find a channel that you can’t stream through Roku. Some of the channels that you’ll have instant access to include Pandora, Disney, Crackle, Hulu Plus, Neflix, and various other excellent options. Really, if you don’t have access to these channels right now, you are definitely missing out on something fantastic.

Did I mention that the new Roku will provide you with a streaming connection to HBO Go? That’s right, you can now stream HBO through your Roku player, so get ready for some Treme or True Blood. You do have to subscribe to HBO Go in order to stream series from this popular channel, but HBO Go is worth every penny – heck, you’ll spend all your time watching what this excellent channel has to offer.

Roku 2 – For the Gamer In You

Roku announced that the company will be introducing a Roku 2 lineup. This lineup will include access to many different video game options including motion-based gaming. One of the hottest titles that’s sure to capture a lot of attention game-wise is the ever-popular Angry Birds. Now, the Roku 2 lineup is a bit more expensive that the Roku LT, but it’s nothing that will break the bank.

If you are tempted by a Roku 2 streamer (this includes the Roku 2 SX, Roku 2 HD, Roku 2 XD), you can expect the price to increase from around $50 to (starting at) $60+. For the extra ten dollars, you might find that one of these streamers is worth the price – especially if you want some great gaming options.

Availability and Other Bits

There are lots of streamers out there, but Roku really has the market cornered. Innovation-wise, this streaming company is top-notch. You’ll find that these streamers are easy to use, come with lots of great channel options, and will fit anywhere you want to stick ‘˜em. If you love the way that the Roku LT sounds (or if you’re getting in some early holiday shopping), you will find this device is currently available through Amazon.

If you want to check out the streamer for yourself, Roku has announced that the LT will be available through retail stores in November – just in time for the holiday season, no doubt.