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  • Samsung's New Egg-Shaped Speakers
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Samsung wants you to experience home audio in a whole new way. The company has recently developed speakers that look a lot like large Easter eggs. According to the company, this new technology will provide a surround sound experience like no other, and it will be one that you can enjoy from any area in the room.

Do these unique looking speakers actually do what they promise? Here’s a closer look at Samsung’s Wireless Audio 360 speakers.

The Egg Shape Explained

The Samsung Wireless Audio 360 speakers are by no means speakers that are going to blend in with the rest of your living room decor. These are not slim speakers and they won’t hide on shelves. They are, instead, more like a modern design audio statement. If you buy one of these speakers, you will notice it - but that might not be a bad thing. Set alone or with the right decor, the Wireless Audio 360 speakers can actually look like some kind of expensive sculpture, and that’s kind of the sound quality that Samsung is going for too.

The point of these speakers is to provide the same level of sound quality no matter where you are in the room. You could be standing at the back of a room, and hear the same sounds coming from your speaker that you would if you were standing right next to it. An all-around sound that’s consistent is what Samsung is striving for. In addition to the design and shape of these speakers, Samsung has included some interesting technical details as well.

Smartphone Control

The Wireless Audio 360 speakers can be controlled via smartphone app. If you have more than one speaker, you can use the app to control the multiple speakers (it also works if you have just one of these speakers, but the multiple control is a nice touch). If you do buy multiple speakers, you can play the same song in different rooms just by using the smartphone app - a nice touch. In addition, you can control other Samsung products that you might have in your home with the app (like a TV or other device).

Those that have had the opportunity to test out the new Samsung speakers have found that the sound quality is what Samsung has promised. While the company was (and still is to an extent) worried about the shape of the speakers (these aren’t the type that blend in), the shape of the speakers really defines how they behave. But since the new Samsung egg-shaped speakers aren’t the run of the mill (and do seem to have superior sound), you’ll pay a lot more for these speakers than you would for other wireless options.

Pricing and Details

It’s worth going to a store where they sell the Samsung Wireless Audio 360 speakers and listening to what the company has created. If you find that you love the sound and look of these speakers, you can be prepared to pay around $500 to own some Samsung egg speakers of your own. The speakers can be fastened to the wall (with a flat backside), or they can sit on a shelf for a rounder appearance.

Samsung will be launching these speakers globally this month, and they are available wood grain or metallic colors. While not for the faint of heart strictly design-wise, the Samsung Wireless Audio 360 speakers are definitely worth taking a closer look at.