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  • Sony's New Mark II Camera
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Sony has been hard at work upgrading the RX100. The new model is officially called the RX100 Mark II, and it comes with some interesting upgrades. The Mark II was designed for both professional photographers and amateur shutterbugs. If you're looking for a great pocket-sized camera, the RX100 Mark II should be on your list. Here's why.

Low Light Capabilities

Trying to capture that perfect shot when there's not enough light is frustrating. Sony aims to take care of that problem with a 20.9-megapixel CMOS sensor. Sony claims that this sensor provides the RX100 with amazing low-light capabilities. Typically, pocked-sized cameras aren't the best low-light options, so the Mark II might be put well ahead of its class if Sony's claims are true.

Another reason why the Mark II might just turn out to be the best low-light pocket-sized camera on the market is the f/1.8 Carl Zeiss lens that Sony has included. Need more proof? Sony has also added a multi-interface shoe that is capable of holding almost any additional attachment in place (flashes, viewfinders, other accessories. All of this is packed into the Mark II's small frame.

WiFi and More

In the past, Sony hasn't been able to attract too many consumers with integrated WiFi. This is mostly due to the fact that Sony's WiFi integration has been rather iffy. Now, though, Sony promises that the Mark II is entirely WiFi equipped. The idea behind the Mark II's WiFi is to successfully and seamlessly pair the camera with your existing smartphone.

At the back of the Mark II, you'll find a 3-inch LCD. And, for all you video junkies, this camera can also shoot in 1080p video (24 frames per second). As far as looks go, the Mark II looks exactly like its predecessor, and Sony has also made a point to clearly state that the RX100 is not going to be removed from store shelves. Instead, the Mark II is simply an upgrade that's meant to exist alongside the RX100.

Pricing Details

Love how the Mark II sounds? You can get your hands on Sony's latest upgrade for around $700. Sony won't be releasing the Mark II until July. If you're wondering how the Mark II compares to the RX100 price-wise, you'll be paying approximately $100 more for the Mark II. Is it worth the extra expense?

If you want a small camera that's meant to have the best low-light capabilities on the market, the Mark II is worth that $100 upgrade. If these features don't sound appealing, the RX100 is certainly still an excellent pocket-sized option. With either choice, you'll be buying one of Sony's best camera offerings.

Sony has really picked up the paced and upped the bar with the company's cameras lately. The Mark II is an upgrade worth looking at when it arrives, and Sony is prepared to keep on making its pocket-sized offerings better. Haven't looked at a Sony camera lately? Now might be the time to do so. $700 might seem a bit steep, but this camera is priced to match all those great new features.