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  • The Swivl Camera Dock

Have you ever thought about directing your own movie? Or, perhaps, a short mini-film for YouTube starring you? The hardest thing about filming a movie about yourself is having enough people around to follow you with a camera. To do this, you will have to get very creative or hire people to film your every move. Then again, you could just purchase the Swivl Camera Dock. This camera dock will hold your camera, but it does more than that too. As the name suggests, the Swivl Camera Dock actually follows your every move, so that you can film to your heart’s content.

If this sounds like a neat idea, you’re not wrong. While somewhat novelty, the Swivl Camera Dock is a lot of fun to use. But, you will have to have a smartphone to use it (it is, essentially, a smartphone camera dock). If you have a smartphone and you want a very cool dock unlike other docks on the market, here’s what you will find if you fork over the $159 necessary to purchase the Swivl Camera Dock.

Tilt, Swivel, and Control

The Swivl Camera Dock not only moves when you do thanks to some pretty interesting tracking capabilities, but this dock also has the ability to tilt in a variety of different ways. What’s even better is that you can control the movement speed and tilt angle from a small handheld remote (included). The only drawback I can see here is that you’ll have to place the Swivl Camera Dock strategically, so that you can be sure you’ll be filmed at all times. If you were to put the dock too low, for example, you may not pick up anything other than your feet or waist.

Otherwise, this dock can be used for many different sorts of films. Even though the Swivl Camera Dock is pretty amazing on its own, the makers behind this great dock are working on a computer program to match. Soon, owners of the Swivl Dock will be able to control a camera’s movements from a laptop, tablet, or other computing device. It’s hard to think of a dock that has more purposes than this one. If you are going to buy a dock for your smartphone camera, why not buy one that moves when you do?


If you love that way that the Swivl Camera Dock sounds, make sure to head to the Swivl website (swivl.com) to check out the dock specs. This product was actually announced a few weeks ago, but the Swivl wasn’t ready to roll until right now. So, you can put in your order for a Swivl dock as you’re reading this article (or when you venture away from this page).

If you’re looking to buy a holiday gift, you may not be able to purchase this dock in time. If not, the Swivl will still make a great gift for yourself or for someone else (think of all the other possible occasions!).
There are lots of camera docks on the market, but the Swivl is the only one (so far) that moves when you do. If you want to film a movie or simply have fun with your camera, there’s no better dock on the market than this one.