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  • Sync by 50 Wireless Headphones
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50 Cent recently launched his line of wireless headphones. As can be expected from someone as music savvy as 50 Cent, these headphones made waves during the launch. Not only are the Sync by 50 headphones great to look at, these cans also produce some mighty power. While the high price tag ($399.95) may turn off some casual music listeners, those who are true audiophiles may want to head to the nearest store where the Sync by 50 sets are sold and give these headphones a listen.

50 Cent joins the likes of other famous rappers such as Dr. Dre in the headphone field, but, hey, it makes sense that serious musicians like 50 Cent and Dr. Dre would enter the headphone market. After all, if someone knows about great bass and perfectly sounding high notes, it’s two of the top rappers out there. Gushing aside, here’s what you can expect if you have $400 laying around for a new set of headphones.

Inside Sync by 50 Wireless

One of the coolest things about the Sync by 50 headphones is that these cans can be used by up to three people at once. Thanks to an easy to use and portable dongle that can be plugged into any music device, three people can listen to the same tracks from up to 50-feet away. I’m not sure why you might use this feature, but it’s there if you want it! It’s also important to point out that the Sync by 50 headphones are the only wireless headphones to include a full set of controls. Most wireless options are limited control-wise.

Inside these cans you’ll find 40mm drivers that include Kleer technology (16-bit sound). In short, you will be able to obtain crystal clear sounds with this wireless set, which is really saying something – most wireless headphones don’t provide users with such amazing sound. When tested, the Synch by 50 headphones were raved about across the board. These headphones come in black or white, and you’ll definitely be proud to wear them (just don’t wear them in any neighborhood where they might get stolen -- $400 is a lot to pay for a set of headphones!).


Are you ready to plunk down $400 on a pair of great headphones? If you have cash to spare, you can find the Sync by 50 set on the SMS Audio website. Just head to the site, check out some of the interesting graphics on the site, and purchase your headphones in either black or white. You’ll also find another new set of headphones on the SMS Audio site: the Street by 50 set. This set acts and looks a lot like the Sync set, but the Street by 50 headphones are not wireless. As such, the Street set comes with a lower price tag ($299.95).

If you’re in the market for some serious headphones, take a moment to check out what 50 Cent has to offer. This rapper is truly making his mark on the audio world by offering headphones that stand out design-wise and also play the part sound-wise.