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  • Which Tablet to Buy for Your Kids
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The holidays are here again, and that means it’s time to start shopping. If you have a child or two on your list, you might want to consider buying a tablet. Sure, tablets are meant to be for adults only, but we all know this isn’t entirely true. How many times has your kid played a game or two on your tablet?

How about homework? Lots of great tablet programs exist to help your kids with homework too. Let’s face it, tablets are quickly replacing many things (including books), and your kids are probably better equipped to change with the times than you are.

So, which tablet is right for your child? Even though it seems like an Android and Apple world, there are lots of tablets to consider for the child in your life. From games to getting things done, the following tablets are worth putting on your holiday shopping list.

The Apple iPad

It’s tough to talk about anything to do with the tech world without mentioning Apple. It’s even tougher to talk about tablets without speaking about the iPad. There are lots of reasons why the iPad is a great buy. Sure, this tablet retails on the high side, but it’s filled with more apps than any other tablet on the market. Add to that a great overall device, and you have a tablet that can do anything a laptop can do.

The only issue with the iPad is that it is rather fragile. If the kid or teen on your list is on the clumsy side of things, the iPad might be hard (and expensive) to replace if it cracks. Aside from the price and fragility factor, the iPad is one of the most popular buys on the market. Anyone who gets this tablet as a gift is bound to be thrilled.

Android Options

There are far too many Android tablet options to list. In addition, the Android tablet market is shifting every day, so it’s tough to know which new one to go for. When it comes to Android anything, you’ll want to know that there are less Android apps than Apple apps. It’s also easier for any developer to create an Android app, since Android is not as tough when it comes to apps as Apple is. Android apps are updated faster than Apple apps are, but, again, this is because Android apps are easier to update.

Some Android tablets worth considering include the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, the Sony Tablet S, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. All of these tablets have gained rave reviews across the board from editors and consumers alike. As with any other gadget, it’s a good idea to test out each tablet prior to purchase. You just may find that you like one a lot more than the next.

BlackBerry Playbook

What’s wrong with the BlackBerry Playbook? Nothing really; though there are rumours that BlackBerry may be abandoning the Playbook, which would leave you hanging if you were to purchase one. Otherwise, the Playbook does have some great features, is thin and portable, and comes with a bunch of great BlackBerry apps. If you have a time to shop around, you might want to consider buying a Playbook if you can find one for a great price.