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  • The Impressive Jawbone Jambox
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There are lots of Bluetooth speakers out there. Some of them aren’t worth your time. Others, like the Jawbone Jambox, are packed with lots of good stuff. The Jambox is a great speaker that any audiophile on your holiday list will love. In addition to providing excellent speaker sound and connecting with any Bluetooth device you have, the Jambox is also great to look at.

At first look, you might not think that the Jambox is anything to write home about – but you’d be wrong. Even though this speaker is small, compact, and a designer’s dream, it does pack a lot of great sound. You may also enjoy the fact that the Jambox comes in a few different colors, and this excellent speaker retails for around $200 – a reasonable price for a speaker of this quality.

Jambox Connectivity

As mentioned, the Jambox connects to your portable device via Bluetooth. If you have, for example, an iPhone 4, connecting the Jambox is a matter of holding down a button on the speaker, setting up your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity function, and waiting a few minutes for the devices to synch. This is pretty much how the Jambox works with any other smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device as well.

It’s hard to imagine a speaker being more user-friendly than the Jambox. This speaker is easy to set up, simple to use, and ready for action whenever you are. Did I mention that the Jambox also speaks? Whenever you connect a device, the Jambox will let you know where or not the connection was successful.

Buttons and Controls

Jawbone really designed the Jambox to appeal to a wide variety of users. On the top of the speaker sits a few basic buttons that have all been molded out of solid plastic. Hold one button down for volume, one down to shut the device off, and another to synch the speaker to your smartphone.

Even though the Jambox comes with a set of instructions, Jawbone may as well have saved the paper and the ink that the instructions are printed on. The truth of the matter is that this speaker is so easy to use, you won’t even need the instructions. But, how’s the sound? After all, a speaker is nothing more than a shiny and pretty box without excellent sound quality, right?


First, let’s remember that the Jambox is a localized speaker – meaning, the sound coming from this speaker sounds great when the speaker is next to your ear or in front of you. If you place the Jambox in a large room, the sound coming from the speaker isn’t the best that it could be – it’s no Bose speaker, for sure. However, the Jambox does give off deep lows and plenty of great sound.

Your songs will sound wonderful if you’re right near the box, and video games and movies don’t sound too bad either. If you keep in mind that this isn’t meant to be a replacement for a home surround sound system, you will be very happy with the Jambox. It is a great little speaker, it does have great sound, and it is worth every penny if this is the kind of speaker that you’re looking for.