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Using Registered User's Console you can:

  • Download the current build of the previously purchased software;
  • Change e-mail address in your profile;
  • Resend registration information to your e-mail;
  • Upgrade the product;
  • Renew customer support service **

Before you access the Registered User's Console we need to determine your order and the product you purchased from R-TT.

Please fill out the following form. If some information is misplaced please leave the corresponding fields blank and your order will be searched by other criteria.

If you purchased CD version of our software from our reseller or distributor and you were not provided with the end user Order ID you have to register in our database prior to access the Registered User's Console.

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** Registered licensees will be able to renew their support services at a discounted price when their 1-year support expires (prices are subject to change).
With the purchase of a new R-TT software product, you receive one year of support services that includes technical support, customer support and all upgrades and new releases for your product during that term. When your 1-year support service expires, you will need to renew that support at a discounted price to continue receiving support services. The renewal support purchase will extend your support by 1-year from the date of its expiration.

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