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R-Crypto Features

Simple and easy-to-use interface:

R-Crypto management panel providing access for the user to all actions of the system;

Wizard guiding the users through the creation of encrypted disks;

List of the most frequently connected encrypted disks (can be disabled);

Convenient operation for changing the size of the encrypted disk;

Access to encrypted disk control actions outside the R-Crypto management panel directly from the Windows shell (for example, connect/disconnect);

Special icon for connected encrypted disks in the Windows shell (can be disabled);

Access to most R-Crypto actions from the Windows system tray;

Reliable data protection and encryption:

Users can use various cryptographic service providers, both pre-installed in the Windows operating system and available from the third parties;

Disk free space encryption (can be disabled);

Wizard to change disk encryption settings;

Connecting an encrypted disk in the read-only mode;

Connecting an encrypted disk emulating a "local disk" to provide access for remote users (required for Windows XP and later versions);

Configurable hot keys to disconnect either all connected encrypted disks, or each disk separately;

Automatic disconnection of all connected encrypted disk upon user's logoff;

Ability to automatically disconnect the encrypted disks upon screensaver startup, entering the hibernation mode, or computer lockup;

Ability to enforce the disconnection of locked encrypted disks upon automatic disconnection;

File-containers of the connected encrypted disks are protected against re-writing and deletion;

Support for system disk utilities (check disk, defragmentation, etc.).