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  • VoLTE Bluetooth from LG
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LG’s latest press release is all about the VoLTE Bluetooth headset. LG has created a few Bluetooth headsets in the past, but this one promises to be unique. From the photo that LG has put out, the VoLTE headset doesn’t look like all the rest. In fact, this headset has a sort of ethereal design. – it also boasts 15 hours of talk time. As you might have guessed from the name of this device, the new LG headset is capable of supporting Voice Over LTE calls when two VoLTE devices are connected.

The advantage of VoLTE calls is high definition. When connecting to VoLTE capable devices, a high definition phone call results in crystal clear communication. Of course, the thing to note here is that you have to have two VoLTE devices in order to make that high-definition work, but it’s a great concept all the same. In addition to VoLTE capability, LG has designed this headset to sit directly inside of your ears – in earbud form. There are some additional features worth noting too – take a look.

Calling! Calling!

The VoLTE Bluetooth headset vibrates when a call is incoming. I’m not certain whether this is a good or bad feature. On the one hand, a silent call notification is a helpful thing. On the other hand, being jolted out of a daydream or buzzed during a particularly stressful traffic situation might not be such a great thing. Then again, a large ringtone noise is distracting as well. Either way, this headset will buzz when a call comes in, and you can pick up that call hands-free.

Better Tone and Sound

LG’s release includes lots of sound detail. The company states that the new headset has enhanced bass. This, in turn, leads to clearer sound. LG has also equipped the VoLTE headset with a mic mute option that allows users to effectively mute the mic portion of the headset – ideal if you want to speak with someone who is inside of your car while also holding a phone conversation. As mentioned above, this headset is compatible with other LG VoLTE device, like the LG VoLTE capable smartphone. Connecting two devices will result in an all-around excellent sound experience. This headset also takes compatibility one step further.

BT Reader Equipped

Connecting the LG VoLTE Bluetooth headset with an LG VoLTE Android phone means that your new headset will also be BT Reader equipped. BT Reader is an app developed by LG that acts a lot like Apple’s Siri. BT Reader will read any incoming SMS messages to a user’s headset directly. This eliminates the need to remove one’s phone during a drive. When connected, BT Reader and the LG VoLTE headset work flawlessly.

Pricing and Availability

LG has announced that the LG VoLTE headset will hit shelves in China, Korea, and the United States by the end of September. LG has not yet listed any pricing information, but this headset is likely to be priced competitively. Stay tuned for more details!