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  • Sync by 50 Headphones

For some time now, there’s been talk about a new set of headphones created by 50 Cent. This talk went by the wayside as no such headphones surfaced. Truth be told, these headphones were largely forgotten until TechCrunch recently released the specs for the new headphones. By the looks of things, the Sync by 50 Headphones will be impressive and stylish.

As we’ve seen from past headphones released by other musicians, slick headphones that serve a superior sound purpose are what consumers are after.

Seemingly, 50 Cent’s debut into the headphone world won’t disappoint. There’s no news yet regarding a release date for these headphones, but it’s safe to assume that they’ll arrive just in time for the holiday season. Here’s what you can look for.

Specs Defined by TechCrunch

A 40mm driver is surrounded by soft and purposeful memory foam inside of each can. Just with that statement, it’s clear that these headphones will be a top contender, but that’s not all that 50 Cent has to offer. These are wireless headphones that work up to 50 feet and can take on four wireless devices at the same time.

Onto the sound: the Sync by 50 headphones will include a 16-bit lossless digital sound and digital EQ. In short, these headphones will be built to rock. If you’re into good headphones that produce excellent sound, you are sure to dig this new offering by 50 Cent. Then again, nobody has had the opportunity to touch, feel, or test out these headphones quite yet.

Style and Size

In line with other headphones in its class, the new headphones by 50 Cent look pretty darn stylish. A sleek and hard outer shell wraps the headphones in deep dark black plastic. Since these headphones aren’t bogged down by any wires, the svelte casing works really well. The photos that TechCrunch posted shows black headphones with thin blue piping, but other colors may (or may not) be available as well.

Size-wise, these headphones are everything you’d want them to be. They’re big enough to draw lots of attention and surround your ear completely with great sound. But, they’re also small enough to slip into a backpack or large shoulder bag. Entirely portable and easily some of the sleekest headphones this reviewer has seen to date, the Sync by 50 headphones are sure to be a huge hit.

Availability and Pricing

As mentioned, there’s no word yet as to when the Sync by 50 headphones will be available. I’m guessing that they’ll want to put these babies on store shelves prior to the holiday season. Pricing hasn’t been released yet either, but it’s safe to assume that these headphones won’t be cheap.

If you take a good look at most of the other (comparable) headphones on the current market, you’ll note that none of the current offerings are on the inexpensive side. Then again, you get what you pay for when it comes to the headphone market. If you’re looking for stylish headphones that will impress sound-wise, make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for news about the Synch by 50 set.