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  • The R6100 Router Is Lightning Fast
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What's the one thing you hate about your router? Think back to when you had to open up the router box and install it. Are you starting to remember what you hate about your router? I'm betting that it's the setup process, right? Routers are necessary things, but setting up a router is downright difficult most of the time.

Well, NetGear's newest router might have lowered the difficulty level. The R6100 Wi-Fi router is simple, efficient, and comes with a price tag that we all can handle. Here's a closer look at one of the most user-friendly routers on the current market.

Inside the R6100 Wi-Fi Router

To start, this router comes with 802.11ac wireless connectivity. This connectivity option is usually reserved for routers that are well over the $100 price, so that's one of the main reasons why I'm so excited about the R6100 router. This type of connectivity is lightning-fast, and NetGear states (in a PR) that the router can reach speeds up to 1200 Mbps when conditions allow. Those are some pretty impressive speeds.

In order to reach those speeds, you will have to purchase a device that was meant to work with this type of connectivity. Right now, your options include the HTC One, Next Generation MacBook Air, and Samsung Galaxy S4. That said, you don't have to use this router with one of the aforementioned devices, it just works faster if you do have one of those devices. Now, let's get on to that simple installation part, shall we?

Making Things Simple

The R6100 comes with NetGear's 'Genie,' which makes installation a snap. With Genie, all you have to do is follow instructions, and the app lets you control you home network from your favorite device (iOS, Android, and PC compatible). So, you see, there's no real fussing around with this super fast router, and it works as advertised too. Oh, and NetGear has also given the R6100 a unique shape.

This router stands slightly slanted, and comes with a minimalist design. On the front panel you will see a clear color indicator that lets you know what kind of condition your router is in according to the color code. This makes it simple to understand what's happening with your router, without pulling out a user guide. All of these things add up to a great router, but the best part is the price.

Affordable Too

NetGear has priced the new R6100 router at $99 in the U.S.A. That's right - you can get this amazingly fast router for under $100. That's a really great deal. Where can you find it? Check out some local electronics stores near you, or order this router from the NetGear website. Either way, it's tough to go wrong with NetGear's latest router offering - and harder still if you have one of the super fast connected devices listed above.

If you're in the market for a new router, give NetGear's R6100 a try. This router is simple, looks great, is very fast, and comes with a price tag that you can wrap your head around.