Sales FAQ

1. I've just paid for the software and received a copy of the order confirmation. However, I still haven't received any registration code. When will you send it to me?
2. I've entered the received registration key in the registration window, but the registration key is invalid.
3. I purchased the software about two years ago. Am I entitled to a free upgrade, or is there an upgrade purchase price?
4. After I installed the new version of the software, I found that I cannot register. The software does not accept the key. What should I do?
5. I lost my original registration key. Could you resend it ASAP?
6. I can't find the old version of the software I purchased three years ago. Could you send me a link to redownload it?
7. Can I get a refund if I buy your software but I'm not satisfied with its performance?
8. I don't want to pay over the Internet by a credit card. Do you accept checks or money orders?
9. I'd like to purchase your product on a CD, but I really need to have the product immediately (via download). If I purchase the CD, will I get an immediate order ID or other code that would allow me to also download the product for immediate use?
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